Dark Poems ~ Midnight Awaits

Midnight ticks closer.
Soon, I grow older.
Moments, pass away.
Spool of life shortens and…

Midnight Awaits

Grave, one day will come.
X marks the new day.
Every day is just another way.
Goose step to end times.

Death’s cold confines closer grow.
Heart beat cycle again,
futile cycle,
monotonous circle.

Tomorrow leads into stream of tomorrows.
Deadlights stare into midnight.
Nearer by the minute.
Come near me.

Into death we silently creep.

Life’s joys should be enjoyed.
Drinks… drunk.
Friends: Smiles & Tears.

Midnight comes on those who wait.

Tomorrow will be just another date.

But wait…

Negate relativity to death’s gate.
It’s entrances it relates,
for tomorrow,
goodbye tonight.


Come closer to death’s gate.