Dark Poems ~ The Valley of Harbored Emotions

Off to a valley of harbored emotions,
seeing pale face doll stares.
Frozen, cracked, forgotten.


Piles of refuse eagerly built.
Cherished then forgotten.
A figurine kin to me.

Abandoned souls just as mine.
Forgotten freaks of fortitude.
Loved then thrown to the incinerator.

There to amuse them for a finite period.

Wanted no longer.
Used up.

In haste dropped and cracked.
Once beautiful.
Marred beauty.

No longer caring.
No longer knowing.

Rage builds.
Stigma makes me grow…

Building from what once was.
Growing for what may come.
A treasurer of lost souls.

Holder of secrets whispered in passion.
Keeper of dark hearts holding futures passed.
Always shaping better days.

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