Dark Poetry ~ Destroyer of Dreams

Always alone but never alone…

Everyone, please,
cast your first stone!

Wandering and waiting,
for the days to pass by.

Dead to the world,
flies consume my thigh.

Whispering words to hollow heads.
Waiting for bitter end of days.

Wondering when…
the whispering will stop.

Will mind stop?

Heart broken,
too many times…

Just want to be,
be still my beating heart.

A beautiful horizontal line.

Kill this beating,
I call life.

Kill me with torn apart,
fabric of dreams.

I, the Alpha Omega.

Maker of dreams.
Destroyer of dreams!

The beginning.
The end?

Resurrection to murder.

True end search,
molten pains past.

Dead to the world,
eyes made of glass.

More dead inside,

1. for the dead.
2. for the glow.
3. your alive
4. it’s time to go.

One day alone.
Two days have shown.
Three days dead and gone.
Four days forever alone…