Dark Poetry ~ Feast of Joy

Sky fire drains.
Bitterness from the heart.

All you’ve done.
All of your hate.

Opened these dreaded gates,
wounds set winter free.

This beast finds prey,
lashes out.

Please, cry into the night.

So I can…

Chuckle at your pain.

I feel…

Your sadness.
Your bitterness.
Your anguish.

Feast of joy…

I relish a hearty laugh,
at all of your tears…

Your crime is greater.

The very leader of hell,
does not deserve.

The vile treachery,
for which you now pay in full.

You are dead inside.
Dead. To. Me.

Your coal,
black as night,
burns my fire,
lights my desire to destroy.

No diamond could you be.

Do you truly believe,
you deserve happiness?

After ripping skin from bones,
heart from soul.

You are miserable, wretched fools;
always trying to swim upstream.

You’re worthless salmon!

Die, you fucks!

Die, so those who deserve,
what you had,
may come and take your place.

Eat yourself and die! As your kind do.
Destroy everything you love…

Start again.

The coals turn gray,
as shattered trinkets are wont to do.

All memories fade,
only souvenirs remain,
to remind of your sordid smiles.

Claims laid calm.

Holding onto your wasted games.
Waiting for your day of shame,
to befall you.

So bitterness can no longer,
be happiness.