Dark Poetry ~ Fuck Enlightened Futures

In a world of chaos and sweat,
times shall come to vent,
sweet frustrations.

Finales we will see,
a lifetime’s,
failure prosperity.

Rise above the phoenix!
Shoot past ashes, soot, and flames.

Burst forth,
in cold euphoric fury;
freezing stop flight,
wings destroyed shattered.

Fuck enlightened futures!

Make phoenix crash,
unrepentant frost gash,
replenish the land.

Investing inviting shadows,
shunning truth and understanding.

Negate closed open-mindedness!

Who wants reality?

Not those for the sake of comfort,
who would dare attempt to quell,

Violent ends in fiery wake.
Common enough.

Uncommon frigid gaze,
beyond correctness haze.

Shall one?
Look to carrion eyes.

Your bird of fire,
will be silenced,
by souls of ice.