Dark Poetry ~ Nightdream Horror Show

Burned cold,
by love’s caustic touch.

Grasping for a moment’s serenity;
I was wishing for too much.

Patiently pondering night’s cold;
ghost of strangers never really there.

Anticipatory gleam,
mouth’s sorrowed slit.

Wilting away,
joyous memories,
bitter cold shit.

Groping for hope…

Nightdream wonderer,
still considering you.

Minutes caressing,
moments undressing,
meandering finding,
only charred ends.

Their pulse,
be it fate,
mind’s eye passenger.

Bleak bitter road,
clouded by dust.

Howl forlorn.
Screech of delight.
Silent by destination.

the icy highway on darkened night.

Muttering in anguish,
slumping broken life disease.

Yearning for a moment,
just seconds to please.

Drunk’s sullen stare,
carries fingers fists.

Unrequited lust,
only a moment of weakness.

Brief moment.

Almost escaping…

Nightdream horror show.

Only silence left behind.