Dark Poetry ~ Pen Driven Sword (The Beast Within: 13th Anniversary Edition)

Ever gone. Never Free.
Why do you not wait for me?

Hold on tight!
Just let go…

Never enough time.
Relax, enjoy the show.

Enough then more.
Just too good.
Everyone left misunderstood.

Never alone in the world of sheep.
Who the hell am I? Little Bo Peep?
Everything stands when nothing falls.
Follow a crowd sitting in stalls.

Keep slaving away.
Help starving children. Just pennies a day.
Your children are wasting away.

Why look at the eyes of tomorrow?
When yesterday’s lies just left sorrow.

Always is good. Never is better.
Every sharp pain, life carving you.

Word after word written on your chest.
By pen-driven sword beneath your breast.