Dark Poetry ~ Pet Farm

A golden farce started with,
a thrust and a grunt.

Feeling hymen burst…

Intrusion of mind burn blister skin.
Things cool. Start to shiver.

Worry sets in…

Ask yourself, did you gave it?
to an angel, a demon, or the Devil?

Did passion drain from your soul?
Was it ignited with the force?

Lust unabashed within mind soul tonight.

End of beginning begins with thrust of flesh…

Now, there’s only the future left for you.
Find yourself hidden in passages of caress.

Expedient lustful undress.

Build the destruction of your auto-pilot.
Trained by society’s withered quarrels…

Change brings heights of new things to come…
Feeling fears change.

Thankfulness of wind thrown ashes,
of the robot you used to be.

Rising up of the forces,
that tried to pull you back,
from the beckoning unknown…

Seething carcases once beautiful.

Care forgotten as rust sets in.

Following in droll mundane existence.

Society’s robots,
the unlubricated pet farm.

Please, keep well oiled,
don’t become the rusted cog.

It is time to care about every step,
or don’t care at all.

Forget middle ground and…

Enjoy. Every. Moment.