Dark Poetry ~ Queen Never

Eyes, glowing of night.

Might shrinks,
from heat of her light.

The once great king falls,
from his choice of mate.

She now rules,
his untimely fate.

Her, flowing freely,
as wind whispers darkly,
across her warm smile of ice.

Clouding his judgment,
of ones he would have,
once thought wise.

What of all the poisons,
with which she fills his mind?

Will he ever see the blindfold,
she laid upon his eyes?

Thank you…
Queen Never.

Sadly, his end is near.
Happily, so is her demise.

As the townsfolk see…

They see her treachery.
They feel his pains.

They shall seize the day,
once their beloved king,
fades away.

Then it shall be the day,
they will,
tear her limbs away.