Dark Poetry ~ September 1939

Lightning strikes silently in the night.
Burned earth still sparking…
Terminals of my mind…
Re-ignited; ignited with spirit of renewal.
Thought dead long ago.
A plug had been pulled.
A circuit had broken.
By the flip of the switch the diodes spark…
(I am alive again!)

Soon comes the hum of an old TV… or maybe radio…

Turn crackling volume up.
Electricity surges!
Compression bulbs pop.
Coming too life again, too many years of silence…
Old tunes playing in rewired head.
Volume rises again!
Again, I feel the electricity in my veins.
These electron skirmish in my arteries.
Making mind feel alive again, a mind not of the tempered sane.

Hearing voices muted in unison.
Watching as minutes and hours pass.
Wavering, tingling… hearing the electricity in the air.

Feeling a tingle in wooden skin…
Feeling power flow, once again pouring in.
Please, take care not to trip over my cord.
This is an electric bill I can absolutely not afford.
So don’t say a word, you may lose your breath.
One can’t electrocute me, it is my blood.
See the twinkle in my eyes?
Forgive me, forget me… live in a flash, burn out in a moment.
Electronic, Electric… plug me in… spirit in a flash is surely no sin.