Dark Poetry ~ The Book of Nothingness

Stained and broken!
A welder reattaches my joints.
I am to be repaired.

Soon, walking down streets.
Why are there purple ducks flying backwards?
Fields ahead, several men grazing on grass.

To the dairy!
Women being milked from their udders.
Streams and green bears swimming upstream.

Gazing rain-coated mountains.
Freeze or catch fire?

A horse being ridden by a car.
Hey, eggs are eating chickens.

Walk through a forest made of clay.
Trees and saplings basking in the shade.

Toss a river into the stone…
Ripples in the stone!

Looking to the TV seeing humor.
Soon, riding silicone dildo trolley car.

Focusing on misconstrued conclusions.
Finding only disconcerting stillness.

Trying to fail yet succeed to win.
Having a single word found in the book of nothingness.

Bouncing freely on the birthday cake.
Walking back inside the down staircase.

Simply, finding a creature looking up at me.
Somehow knowing everything is how it should be.