Dark Poetry ~ The Breathing Dead

Fires in the drain of life.

Nothing else to hope for.

See the grand scheme!
(too many overlook what is different; the small.)

The breathing dead.
Totally forgotten.

Look to the stars…
A sky of ants playing at dusk.

Wondering what’s worth saving…
Too many too few.
But, it will all pass without me.

My time came after I left.

Free from.
This body to the next.

The next life…
Will I read this writing I write?
This is mine!

…Only to be thought a fool…

The darkness surrounds me.
Tries to encompass me.
Holds me.
Fills me.

With dark love.

Life controlled by the horrors of mediocrity.
Evils of the herd.
Pettiness controlling destiny.

Run from the herd!
Or… get trampled by it.