Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Death Shadows

I walk in the valley of Death Shadows.
I feel her presence in the air.
I smell the corpses (those she has taken the days before).
I walk with her as a friend.
I see her for what she is.

Not evil.
Not bad.

Only as one who transforms.

That which she does,
has been firmly established

Bringer of change,
none shall defeat her.

Not one passes her unwavering eye.
A valley we all must pass through.

The rich.
The poor.

All colors.
All social class.
All… everything.


She sees no boundaries.
She feels no guilt.

Grim she is not!
Only reaping what she must!

A job is a job after all.

Why not make a livelihood,
out of the dead?

She rips us all to this valley,
where we walk,
when we walk.

The hills we climb must come to an end.
A valley’s final curtain.

Rewards many and none.

Our journey has ended,
but, grim reaping goes on.

It is never done………

No one but grim can forever walk,
the valley of death shadows…