Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Negative Figures

I stalk the valley of negative figures;
obscured by layers of painted muck.
Tainted eyes seeing only one truth.

Frigid hearts.
Unknown faces.

Stone walls calloused by bitter sands.
They walk slowly, carefully…
Unknown destination held by belief.

Heirs of the burden of motion;
placed forcibly in their minds.

Offspring of precision and authority.
Scalpel of a skilled surgeon.

Walk past pristine lakes.
Rivers encrusted,
entrusted with diamonds of sunlight.

Time to time seeing lost faces.
Face’s outer covering.
Ripped flesh instead of filth.

Soul’s forced.
Broken faces follow.

Their direction.
Their incision.
Their deviation.
Their indecision.
Their destruction.
Their infection.

Of negativity.
Of ignorance.
Of judgment.
Of truth.
Of anger.
Of bitterness.

Shining faces…

Foul herd!

Shoved and shat on.
Shoved and forced.
Nose in definite defecation.

Subjected to manipulative slicing.
They themselves had been subjugated,
too many years ago.

Radiant feces.

Tread lightly…
Pushed ever further by the crowd.
Tread lightly,
do not crush beauty.

Stifle a rose’s journey…

Hearts are wicked…
Soiled soul.
Continued to trample.

Life ever marching.

No sight.
No reason.

Blind to such things.
Even logic.

Free mind lacking.
Never mind indoctrination!
Cell phone nation.

All taught toxins.
Barely seen faces…

!..among them..!

River in an ocean of sordid abyss.
Flow freely through this valley…

A place of rest.
A place of solace.
A place of embrace.

Negative souls raise up.
Dump waste and chemicals into mind’s eye.

Pollute the wonder of sight of beauty.
River. Poisoned…

Never clean again.
Dams cracked.
Impurities seep into crystalline surface.

Never safe to swim.
Never safe drink from.

Emotional waters tainted.
Emotional banks eroded.

Negative figures…

Injected with toxins.

Polluted. Putrefied in hate.

Feces covered. Plagued tongue. Sordid crowd.
Projecting their ways.
Negativity sold high. Ashes of followers past.

I must escape this valley.

I must cleanse myself…