Dark Poetry ~ Top of the Pile

Tumbling down a hole.
Dashed against rocks.
Again and again and again…

Endless bottom.

Will I reach origin again?
Trying to rise. Trying to rise.
What the fuck? I despise.
When you cannot even place,
one foot above the other.

Falling down.
Face down.
Withered acid pain.

Back to the opening pit.

Seeing light.
Crash down.
Again. Again. Again!

Will I ever stop falling?
Trying to break the fall.
No fall, at all.

How the hell can you stop endless descent,
with no foothold to be found?

When you’re not even close,
to the top of the pile.

Ace at the bottom,
never to rise to the top.

Never going to stop falling.
When you can’t even stop…