Dark Poetry ~ Uncaring Passion

Here’s the gray plague of indifference.
An uncaring passion dies in complacency.

Dazzling, nimble creatures,
bounding without hindrance.

This poison takes hold too rapidly!
Slowly, we are all infected.

Joys are contaminated.

Smiles become betraying tears shown.
Both living/dead.

Hearts and minds,
grayed like ashes.

Passions have disengaged,

What is it that we will surpass this toxin,
that invades fragile pathways?

No cure came till almost all died.
Still one left in tragic fields.

Flights of grave indifference.
Short sanctuary.
A hope of beauty’s perseverance.

Time’s wick turns to black;
time is nearly done,
poison cannot be outrun nor contained.

As it is in all things;
in all places,
in all forms,
taking root in the gravel.

Smothering all emanations of emotion.
Nothing heals!

One pulse still runs…

Still waits…
for beauty’s return