Dark Poetry ~ Wedding Bows

Spheres roll down flesh.
Ducts are spent.
Nothing left.
Heart purged.

Weaved words so inept.
Knowing wretched distance flown.
Taking my uniqueness,
making existence an unworthy experience.

Measure the gain,
bitterness considering worth.

Giving and receiving a fecal charade.

Why is death the only reason,
people grieve on this earth?

Sullen faces in happy parades,
leaving futile cardboard cases.


finishing touches,
on their mausoleum.

Betrayed by bride and groom’s,
soon-cracked faces.

Superstitions and morticians.
Mutual infinite wisdom?

Without priestly precision.
Vows said: broken, done.
Quick steady movements.
Said, spread, and done.

How can I be potent?
When everything is impotent.

Do not forget on the spreading day…

This it is nothing more than…
a man’s arrogance and the games women play.