Dark Poetry ~ Zip My Pants

Taking you hard and fast,
getting what I want.

Pushing your head in the water,
getting a thrill,
knowing I may not be your first,
but forever will I be your last…

Pulling behind you,
lust fills my eyes with burning hatred.
I pull glimmering metal blade from it’s sheath.
Coming soon to your skin.

Delicate red streaks.
Your arms go limp.

It’s exciting me all the more.
I’m over the top!

Shooting into limp carcass.
Gazing upon rust streaks,
Wetting your hair more.

Warmth drained.
Limp vessel.

Feeling cold breath on my neck.
Suddenly, I realize what I’ve done.

Are you standing there?
Frozen in the moment.

I zip my pants quickly.


Quickly out the door I escape.

Unknowing of my fate,
for deeds done.