Drainbow of Loathing ~ Rise to Ashes

Depart from this life of mine!

Allow bulb cord pull.
Brightness departs.

Only memories darken.
Devilish nocturnal remissions.
Where only now presides.

Tyrant as always.
Clawing for new prey.
Residue seethes through soul.

Playing with paints.
Cascade of colors.
A drainbow of loathing.

Desecration of the day.
Excrete my files.
Now, I am repentant.

Sickness makes me shine.
Soul prisoner to a vision.
Reminder of the remainder of silence.

Wishing for thrones never had.
Never dream to dream vehemently.

Viciousness may erupt victorious.
Violence of light and beauty.
Venom going down inner thigh.

Pathways to eternity.

Amazing gaze.
Intense deployment.
Last breath fire punched.

Ceasing to exist: poison.
Arsenic laden lips.

Heart fails soul.
Flesh prison released.
Tears shed.