Facsimile Smiles ~ Rise to Ashes

Beast will shine again.
Bitterness devours…
Brilliance & Love.
Gasping within you.

Absent will be…
Adoration and joy gazing.

Special words lost.
Only memories of being human.

Soul forever secured: ALONE.
Demon’s indulge with dreams; could have been.

Cascading puzzle pieces.
Always out of order.
Never vending right pictures.
No matter price paid.

Rusted bitter tears
Hidden behind facsimile smiles.

Left in moments of eternity present.
Gone long are sweet eternities.

Only lasting seconds.

Soul visions energy reminders.
Breathing corpse is the remainder.

Aching, wanting to be wrong.
Searching for a throne.
Silenced by despair.
Broken from too many truths.

Inflicted upon myself.