Frosted Tears ~ Rise to Ashes

Glass eyes look through copper-colored oceans.
Pollution of the masses amended the poison.
Never fulfilling: dreams of yesterdays.
Gone is the fruit of surrender.
Give back to trees that claim frosted tears.

Decimated climax.
Entranced with lust for forgiveness.
Given to bouts of confusion from confession.
Never a mass too grateful: follower.
Entrenched in groups of speeches.

Acid rains on the backs of the innocent.
Doormats and Martyrs…
suffering in the name of love.
If love is only logical…
then only logic is love.

Lie, bend on knee for forgiveness.
Feelings are a sinner’s trait.
Love is not at heaven’s gate.

When you speak; being, not of emotion.
Only for a purpose.
I am, no cherished child!
So, give me your so called Hell.
If it were to exist.

I would rather be damned by my honesty,
than filled with your lies.