Icarus’s Triumph ~ Happy Poetry

Wings spread, thought inside cranium.
Wind, starting to soar, gust of renewed eyes…
Uncovered, where deepest secrets lay.

Fuel the engines get this machine into the air,
To the kingdom of dreams…
Bare to soul, silence of screams.

Relax, Release, Discovering truth.
Cherishing every dark devilish delinquency.
Inside hidden realities.

Hushed to often,
dared not say,
intensity may suddenly frighten all the birds away.

Now stop! Gusts turn page.
Forceful breeze.

My eyes, see the reflection of skintilating sinister solutions..
The fact to face, need not stay grounded on land.

Regain altitude, throttle moves forward!
Up towards moon again, bright silver truth.
Freer than birds, binds that kept us low.

Wings together we’ll soar.