Life Like Lies ~ Rise to Ashes

As a child…
Believing in jolly old St. Nick.
Demons and Gods…
All lies that do prick.

Huddled one night, every year.
Believing, Santa was all festive cheer.
On knees 365 this soul to be saved.
Pulling on wrinkled thumb.

Lies to the children.
Parents do tell.
The allures of Heaven.
Satan’s clause that sent him to hell.

Listen wisely to fables!
Stare closely at dreams.
Know that your innocence.
Soon to be ripped from the seams.

Falsities wither.

Child’s unknowing trust
Bubbles do break
Puberty brings rust…

Pupils, open too soon to life like lies.

So, remember carefully.
When buried in living grave.
Your lies and your fables.
Make one’s own hell.