Love Poetry ~ Forever Days

Days may go by.
Winds may blow.
Nights will come.
On their way they go.

Hands on the clock,
make their way.

Around, ever-staring face…
But, that shall never change.

The love I have for you.

Years pass by.
Hours slip away.
Minutes go past.

But, this feeling shall never change.

Like, wind on my fingers.
Like, dust on my feet.

Forever days this heart does beat.
Depth, passion, flames.

Things always grow…

Old pictures fade.
Grass will turn brown.

Old. Age.

Root, dieting, dying in the ground.
Love, healthy, rooted deep in my soul.
No strong wind can pull.

I see your pulse.
Feeling your temperature rise.
Having never seen your eyes.

Golden soft heart.
Tempered glass…
Now, so soft.

Beat by its rhythm.
Pressure of the pulse.

Days will pass.
Love will prevail.

Over time.
Over age.

Because our hearts,
already passed the test.