Life Like Lies ~ Rise to Ashes

As a child…
Believing in jolly old St. Nick.
Demons and Gods…
All lies that do prick.

Huddled one night, every year.
Believing, Santa was all festive cheer.
On knees 365 this soul to be saved.
Pulling on wrinkled thumb.

Lies to the children.
Parents do tell.
The allures of Heaven.
Satan’s clause that sent him to hell.

Listen wisely to fables!
Stare closely at dreams.
Know that your innocence.
Soon to be ripped from the seams.

Falsities wither.

Child’s unknowing trust
Bubbles do break
Puberty brings rust…

Pupils, open too soon to life like lies.

So, remember carefully.
When buried in living grave.
Your lies and your fables.
Make one’s own hell.

Sodomize the Heavens ~ Rise to Ashes

Worlds founded in grief, aging beauty.
Fornicating: tactile sensations.
New recesses for blusterous children.
Creation fond of sinister de-vices?
Cavalcade of the scars.

Please, sodomize the heavens.

Bastard child, two thousand forgotten memories.
Thumping haze: thanks to the bottle of forget.
Helping a new tomorrow in yesterdays.
Come to pass.

Solace in lost arrogance,
forgotten realm of too many ways.
Too many hair balls.
Coughed up from unshaven feminism.

Limp phallus that is sexual prime.
That was not ground control.

Do you understand?

Gravity has no hold in the space I am in.
I’m lost in the eclipse of new-found serenity.
I wish, I did not find the truth within.

These words, my words.
The truths that I tell to you.
How I wish they where lies.

Self bitterness, isolates me.
Only one existence for me.

Really cherishing this existence?
Is it an iridescent lie?

I know you cannot see.
Bitter plains within this bulb.

To hate me is to be me.
No Apologies.

Live longing nights, morning comes.
No Acceptance.

Partaking in weary coffee, reflection stare.
No Expression.

Closing book.
Burning Rages.

Fuck YOU Freedom!

Everything Ages.

1776 ~ Rise to Ashes

1000 seven hundred
and seventy-6 sexual deviants.

Sent forth 17 specializing specters.
Telling the 8 wonders of the world.

Ideas never change in the minds of the idealist.
Creeping crawling death.

Seek forth and find. World left behind.
World of now looks bored with freedom.
Gone is new-found hope.
Now, only new found dope.

Doping of mind’s lie.
Dopamine’s golden foray.

Death of beauty.


Bulging wasted life…
Under foot without change.

Color form monochromatic.
Change laden politicking.
False kindness!
Pukes in the face of change.

Reclaim today?
Rights you pissed away.

The Burrito of Eternal Life ~ Rise to Ashes

The Burrito of Eternal Life.
Responsible for all creation.

Bow before:
Tortilla, Bean, and the Holy Cheese.

Then, hereafter,
go and make burritos of all kinds.

Sell them in the name of…
the Tortilla and of the Bean
and of the Holy Cheese.

But as you buy from the heathen,
our savory Saviour. Ask yourself.

How much more will the mold of Crisp,
who through the eternal Wrap offered himself
without blemish to Cheese,
purify us to serve the editable Lord.

Follow the one true doctrine.
Follow the Burrito of Eternal Life.

ZOOM!!! ~ Rise to Ashes

Rush, Rush…

Must be expedient
I may not get done, something IMPORTANT!

Move, Move…

More quickly, faster still!
Must finish everything that NEEDS doing!

Hurry, Hurry…

Through life.
A race to complete.

Is it not?!

Speed, Speed…

Cannot pause. To important.
Too much HAS TO BE DONE!

Courtesy is only convenience.
Get out of MY way!

Veil of Jadedness ~ Rise to Ashes

Better used a thousand times.
Taken advantage of in a million ways.
Than to allow a dark veil of jadedness.


Eyes covered from beauty.
Hidden from interaction.
A mystery of reaction.

Crimes bitterness inflicts.
Oft allowed luxuries.

No more!

Adore life given chore.
Despise reprise of inner lies.
Choice is the voice employed.

Forward moving, despite pain, sadness, or joy.

Battery Powered ~ Rise to Ashes

Constitution weakens.
Exhale shorter.
Every moment droning.

Muscles cry.
Struggling just to want.

How to keep strength?
Battery powered existence. Removed.

Reserves depleted.

Impossible to live.
Harder to move.
Impossible to think.
Harder to breath.
Impossible to care.

Without you.

Deadly Surprise ~ Rise to Ashes

Perception twisted by mind rape escapist.
Frustration. I forget to value…


Placing True You on shelf.
Glass eyes and porcelain thighs.

Deadly surprise.

My demise.
Your Lies.

Despising the rise.
Raised to believe.

Disease of ease.
Love’s cooling breeze.

Body oder wheeze
Springs from the trees.

Mistreated smile child.
Ride of stride.

Grin vile again.
Never happiness within.

It all begins again…

The Valley of Souls ~ Rise to Ashes

Ridges fashionable gravity.
I, part machine.

These words on synthetic paper.
Copy of a facsimile’s photocopy.

All is truth?
In this world of lies.

Despising great wisdom.

No more words can be spoke.
Every word tainted.
Transformed into falsehood.

Driven past redemption.

Shattered maidenhead,
of the valley of souls.

Nothing more human:
inseminate, devastate, control.

Silence, only gift bestowed…
In kingdoms lost by virtual reality.

Realities Final Thrust ~ Rise to Ashes

Visions of deviant dances.
Butterflies on the wind.
Dark showers light.
Over increasing momentum

Trigger point of beauty.

Every hour’s passing.
Becoming encompassed illusions possessed.

Universal intelligence.
Void between light and darkness.

Eternal sexual fascination of bestial fornication.

A Muse’s darkest beauty.
Mind delight coal.
Awaiting caress: hand, mouth, finger tips.

Sound waves of pleasure and pain.
Mixed on shores of caress;
bruises of malicious delights.
Pondering flesh…
tastes turns from shades of pale.

New color wheel.
I seek to bring.

Awaiting, heart’s beat. So quick.
Unable to stop.

Unwavering space between orgasm and death…
Most tantalizing of treats.

Salivating glances cannot be hindered.

Midnight day dreams.
Become, realities final thrust.
Penetrative explosion of souls intertwined.

Moments of cruel intimate.
Kindness leaves parties breathless.
Fruits from the forbidden trees and tresses
Fallen to feat accomplished.
Passion’s blissful breathing force could not stop.

Tears of ecstasy pain mingle in biting caress.