Pixel Color Drainbow Spectrum ~ Rise to Ashes

Swallowed pixelated eyes…
Within lost view: trillion yard stare.
Wallow in piercing gauze, sending wounds.
Vessel of flesh with residue of life

Commerce to Tingle.

Heart instrument; rhythm section.
Beat quicker rhythm.
Motions of madness slow air feeding.

Broken by design.

Pixel color drainbow spectrum.
Portrait of cracked prison prism.
Misery mystery of mind’s cry caress.

Electrocuting electric life.

Titillated by captivating illumination.
Forcing clips parted never slightly.
Inhalation on insertion, continue to quicken.

Needing dark light orbs.

Another time… please just one more.
Infuriating craving: continued severity.
Beaten to light of addiction.

Repeated sentence a séance for innocence.

Spirit removal… increased power surge
The fury of seduction: soulless wanderlust.

Allowing eyes that scar…

Sucking further every time.
Essence of spirit; drained.
Sensation exposed, engage, no longer care.
Mask shield malignant formulation.

Betrayed, Marred, Buried.

Overwhelm fraying splayed motions, emotions.
Bringing peace to pieces a beggar of dreams.

Lies beyond laying.

Exposed: Listless, Lecherous, Leering.

Drawing on realms of imagination fornication.
Brought to waking world, once denied.
More forceful growth:
aches for twisted picture.

Rips open all secrets of frozen corridors.
Hidden away. Walking through unhindered.

Feeding off the core of soul.