Poem ~ A Valley of Laughter

I walk to a valley of laughter.
Seeing the shine of a dime.
Seeking worlds of light and darkness.
Bound together in time.
World of light, world of darkness.
Frightening, only for a moment.
Spark lightning sun bathing.
My eyes burning with easy lies.
Holding my tongue neglected.
Grasping bloody heart. Shouldn’t have waited.
Passion torching flash…

Not mine!

Looked, listened, and waited: endless time.
Crushed and downtrodden…
No care from hearts and minds,
I once shared.
From then until now as dark unto light.
I am a shining dark fright.
Fight in obscure night.
Looking forward to journeys unknown.
Who knows whom will care,
what my heart will had known.
With spirit and rhyme, darkest of night.
One and soon many be by my side…

So, now…

Let us travel to valleys unknown.