Poems ~ Satiate the Nomad

Wildflowers in your eyes.
Raindrops from the heart.
Prism doorway to our souls.

Entity takes flight.
Beyond scabs & scars of tortures untold.

Burned skin pathway of pain.
Wandering through life.

Wanton for days.
Better ways.
Different places.
Golden grays.

Gypsy heart; seeded by soul.
New air breath. Unable to control.

Anywhere fresh air.
People estranged.
Without a care.

Quest not destination.
Wandering these same streets.

Roads? Highways?

Satiate the nomad.
Stealing bright skies.
Mesmerizing hum.

Engine takes you away.

Off to another day.
Another air in the middle of nowhere.
Look into the sky.

Simply, wanting to share.