Poetry ~ 64000/20 ~ 1

Image whispering.
Echoes of mind lies.
Different outcome from gallery inside.

Incandescent shame shines.
Prolonging… your… aching…

Rotting and commanding.
Illuminate fields of understanding!

A jealous heart escapes, away.

Still shackled.
Withered cage.

Built by hidden veils.
Feeding pockmarked heart,
ancient fairy tales.

Sold to Prince Harming.
Longing to believe.

Subtle fables.
Opaque lies.

Vision is 64000/20.
If you’re looking for approval.

Deaf ears may hear.
Never giving way to understanding.

Eye doors closed to stagnation.
Grazing at brick lace religion.

A soul’s gentle lust.
No tender touch.

Porcelain gods inside.
Spirits do rust.

Bitterness alone.
Forged. Drugged out…

Sewn eyes satiated.
If they only they masturbated…

Drugs calm interrogated.

Cold haven.
Hide-away from home.

No easy voices.
Patiently aching for release.

Doorways to happy tomorrows.
Doomed to premature termination.

Time pieces turn back.
Feces locked.
Missing keys.

Lying time never works.

Deceased morals.
Only mortals can shatter.

The Glass Prison.