Poetry ~ A Valley of Shadow

Walking a valley of shadow.
Burning land of pain.
Writing through the sun.

I, the invisible.
Walking through crowds.
Seeing empty faces.

No name badges.
No friendship.
No camaraderie.

Wading through the dense throng.

Hold me tight confusion.
Sing to masses deaf ears.
Make peace so violent.

Hands upon me.

Look at me!
Look in my direction!

Give unbelieving looks.
Give me the disgust.

Response, action, attention.
Anything will do!

Scream to the masses.
No one will listen.

Go to the mountains.

Lobby the heavens.
Asking Gods, ‘why?’

I see them…
looking down at me.
I see them…
laughing at me.

Telling me.

“You. Yes, you are the reason.”
“Who do you let in?”


“You’re scared.”
“You’re hurt.”


“You let the past be the your world.”
“Holding on tightly to failures.”
“Look at your accomplishments.”

Nothing… Nothing to see here.
Let’s move on…