Poetry ~ Ever Unclean

Want to see this pain in me?
Look, no further than the mirror.
Show your blankness.
Little bits of the past,
buried and forgotten.

A little twinge here.
Piece of paper memories.
Ripped plastic face,
that cries to no one.

Drive cars across me.
Wait! Have you lost me?
Just another crack in the soul.
Dust and dirt…

Ever unclean!

Wild abandon of the ever unseen…
Last thing you’ll see.

Bitter ice of winter’s bite…
Mirror’s fog,
cold summer’s night.

Our own cries…
Blowing dust.
Blinded by sun’s varying light.

Ever knowing reflections of tired lines.
Small spots showing all the cracks we hide.

But, thankfully…
Too many flaws,
to be able to decipher or decide.