Poetry ~ Glass Smiles

Glass Smiles,
all that graced the face…

Ever shattered on the floor,
hearts thinking, maybe.

Did not think,
too scared to think…

Dreads to think,
those are not glass smiles anymore.

Looking into fiery eyes of tomorrow.
Will possibilities become realities?

The heart knows?
Lips listen to formed smile.

Vicious vivacious smile…
Not known for quite a while.

It makes hearts wonder.
Fears arise!
Behind that smile.
Behind those eyes.

Call calm fears.
They calm.
They calm.
Please… calm…

Quell them and fly away.
Whizzed, wasted, washed…

Smile widens…
Continue to do so?
See inside fears?
Brushed away…

Smile true?
Heart? Mind? Face?
No more cracked smiles…