Poetry ~ Icarus Revisited

Spread in depths of thought inside out.

Wind. Start to soar with gust of renewed eyes.

I uncover: Where your deepest secrets lay.


Fuel engine piston thrusting into the kingdom of dreams.
Soul too Bare
Go now in clouds



Release just to feel. Uncovering the truth.
A dark devilish delicacy of delinquency.

Inside overturned realities.


Shhhh… we dare not say.
Intensity may frighten the birds away.

Now, stop. Gust calms to forceful breeze.
Seeing the reflection of skintilating sinister solutions.

Fact to face: I, you, need.

Cannot stay grounded.

Regain altitude.
Move throttle forward.
Going toward moon not sun. Bright silver truth.

Freed from binds kept low.