Poetry ~ The Immortal Mirror

Eyes in the immortal mirror.
Things I’s do fear.
Breath clouds the image.

Staring for hours; hoping for change.
Hating visions from day to day.

Listening to whispers in your head.
Hoping soon they’ll be dead
Holding tight to glistening light.

Gazing at cries of tomorrow.
Apprehension; fright.

Wasting away is an awful sight.
Fearing too much of becoming the light.
Aching for dreams that you will die.

Seeing no tears left behind.
Wishing to not want to go.
Finally frayed so long ago.

No more days.
Blinding light, go away!
Clawing deep into this lost soul.

Decay cost all.
Never swayed.
Fear no further days.

Pining for a caress of cold edge.
Strawberry splatters draining meal.

But, wait!
When its draining away…

Just wishing for another day.