Razor Lace Vodka ~ Rise to Ashes

Blaze lashes spirit to reality.
Premature protest are unneeded.
Demonstrations are impotent.

When untrustworthy.

Secret duel, your denial is defunct.
Bewitched by the snowman or was it showman?
Dance of recoil from trust of words.
Weary of this.

Truths kept hidden with razor lace vodka.
In atrocity is struggle given happiness?

Errand of morbidity in a mausoleum called life.
Will its grip hold? Ripping Flesh…
Making grave choice.
With detrimental consequence.

Final grows closer: end time.
Life lover? Foe or friend?

Pass by hope fear’s grip holding you back.

Terror in these hidden sanctuaries.

Come in…

Please, close the door behind you.