Rise to Ashes ~ Rise to Ashes

Renewed brain pondering.
Feast of thoughts from the damned.

Simple living shell.
Numbness the feeling.
Bringing Hell.

Spirit rejects light.
Forge ahead in to night.
Cheer with Satan in delight.

Killing music cries.

Forlorn ashes. Spit in my grave.
Nothing left worthy the save.
Ads to mire as kings become slaves

Incessant incest of the paved.

Behind teams of sneering whores
Condom-plation of the condom nation is a bore.
Never shall we know the score.

Simple slashes.
Hundred trillion arm’s length gashes.

Remember friends…

Down the street not across the road.
If you want to lighten life’s hard load.

Jill be nimble, Jack be quick…
Rape’s a cinch if you shame them quick.
Would you rather jack your prick?

See jail; feel the pain.
Touch your toes in gang bang train.
What, don’t you love this shame?

So now?
What blows?

Helter Skelter in winter’s frigid reigns
Vultures circle every hours drain.
We die vain never truly in vein.

What are the gains?

Servile wretches scream for blood.
Given to razor tipped truth.
Everybody is wasted youth.

Variety is the spice of life?

Every drawer has too many knives.
Too many ways to take away too many dreams.

Lost the translation between heaven and hell.
Rotting in a grave; how grave is the smell?

Leave us be!

So we may retreat in the night.
Soothed from torture of day’s wicked lights.

Resembling Jesus, the beast died for sins.
By way of crucified crutches you so adore.
Not in the ground but passed out on the floor.


No longer can I be your cultural whore…

Kill the music! Destroy the fanfare!
Better than living in your toxic air.
Cannot allow to permeate the skin.

That fear. The feel of lies oozing in.

Shattering chains, I rise to ashes!
Freeing myself with many gashes.
Still, conformist air delivers many lashes.


It is time for the beast to renew the clashes.