Sexual Poetry ~ Realities Final Thrust

Visions of deviance,
Showering dark light ever increasing.
Trigger point of all beauty.

Every passing hour this mind becomes the illusions I posses
All more powerful.
In the void between light and darkness.

Eternal wild sexual fascination.
A muse, dark beauty, delights in darkness,
Caress of a hand, a mouth, a breath.

Delight in the bruises of deviant delights.
The flesh taste sweet as it turns…
To the colors which I bring.

Hearts beat quickly. Unable to stop.
Teetering in the space between orgasm and death.
The most tantalizing of treats… awaits…

Salivating glances cannot be hindered.
As midnight day dreams become realities final thrust.
Explosions for all souls intertwined.

Momentary intimately. Cruel kindnesses. All parties breathless.
Fruits of forbidden trees and tresses.
Pure fire, blissful breathing, force could not stop.

Finally, tears of pain and ecstasy mingle for another biting caress.