Dark Love Poetry ~ Destiny with Demons

I am the truth, the way, and the darkness.
I shine moonlight blaze, exposing you.

Sunlight at midnight.
Illuminating a new route.

Need pain to feel the pleasure.
Gentle force filled flush.
Find your beauty within.

Beauty of redemption in fire of contempt.
Bright days in the eyes of sorrow.

Never forgetting,
Sinner’s truth.
Relights fire within.

Destiny with demons.
Sparks in the shadows.
Burning away frozen interior.

Open your soul.
I’ll devour your past…
By embracing rough exterior.

Dark Gothic Poetry ~ Razor Wound Family

Familial bond blood does not make.
Red rust water thins as they take, take, take.

Solace of soul. Heart of their control.
Raping, ravaging. Minds of Children.

Chosen truth undeniable.
Being true you within.

Strangulation with blood ties.
Lie of familiarity.

Hearts, Souls, Minds, Friendship.

Spirit lays deep in razor wound family.
Trickling of truth produces kinship.

Poetry ~ Laughter from the Universe

Laughter from the universe.
Its style…

Deep bellowing reverberation…
Through soul. No Matter.
Shrill painful humor.

Echoes silently continuous.
Against scattered fragments…

Figments of imagination?

Life steered toward embankments.
Terrifying are the amusements?

Do you give to me, good directions?
Universal operator, out of control.

Darting forward.
This path gets ever more frightful…


Poetry ~ Digest Number 69

Apparitions speak by floor creak.
I, feel sound in my resolve.

World views,
Skin blues,
Everyone seething about discolored hues.

Intensely internal automation…

With each dilation I see, blind eyes.
A coffin full of hallow words.

I, sever contentment.
Choose enlightenment.

Scattered views,
People dedicated to disadvantages of deserving.

Ripped away from comfort. Denial.
Becoming, again animals to be kept at bay.

I, dart from sight or face the hunger of the pack?

Dark Poetry – The Valley of Craving

Villain, my lover, I devour.
Listless within ivory showers.
Glistening spirit of youth.
Left with only shimmer of truth.

Quivering silence of angst and anger.
Ripping away pink mask, down to bone.
Enveloping her with a twist.
Never demolishing demons.


Receiving my sermon on the treaty of fuck…
In the valley of craving.

Makes all sexes sexist… stark and raving.
Mingled power of fluid emotions.
Invested, divested by emotional devotion in de-evolution.

Never allowed!

Pondering notion,
Coupled logic and emotion.
Thrust to become greater.
Than any single motion.

Love Poetry ~ Time to End

No getting over.

In a minute. An hour. A lifetime?
Part of my essence; you became.

No other callers ever be an answer.

To emptiness.
I feel.
Without you.

It may have been: time to end.

Logic makes death.
No. Less. Painful.

Life’s cruel river. Denying love.

Breath of life.

Still… as I said last time.
I will always love you.
With shadow or doubt.
Embedded in dying breath.

You will always be.
I pray.

Dark Poetry ~ All Old Stains…

Ache rush through veins.

Unrestrained restraint?

See through; heart beats.


Hand meets meat.

Flesh hues.

Reds turn blues.


Tear glisten smile.


Armor plating begins to crumble.

Upon your heart I stumble.

What is this? May I ask.


Oh MY! Am I seeping into your soul?

Feeling… losing arm’s length control.


Sensing my detergent entering your veins.

Fading all old stains.

Dark Poetry ~ Sodomize the Heavens

Worlds founded in grief, aging beauty,

Fornicating: tactile sensations.

New recesses for blusterous children.

Creation fond of sinister de-vices?

Cavalcade of the scars.


Please, sodomize the heavens.


Bastard child, two thousand forgotten memories.

Thumping haze: thanks to the bottle of forget.

Helping a new tomorrow in yesterdays that come to pass.


Solace in lost arrogance, forgotten realm of too many ways.

Too many hair balls coughed up from unshaven feminism.

Limp phallus that is sexual prime.

That was not ground control.


Do you understand?


Gravity has no hold in the space I am in.

I’m lost, in the eclipse, of new-found serenity.

I wish, I did not find the truth within. These words, my words.

The truths that I tell to you. How I wish they where lies.


Self bitterness, isolates me. Only one existence for me.

Really cherishing this existence? Is it an iridescent lie?

I know you cannot see the bitter plains within this bulb.


To hate me is to be me.

No Apologies.


Live longing nights, morning comes, remove sleep…

No Acceptance.


Partaking in weary coffee, reflection stare.

No Expression.


Closing book,

Burning Rages,

Fuck YOU Freedom!

Everything Ages.


Sexual Poem ~ Savory Seductions

Enjoy experience,
Become shallow whore.


Forget the lost cosmic reasoning.
What maybe… shall come…


Life’s sweet journey!

Golden savory seductions.

Shout out then savor the flavor.


Craving: swallow, spit, spite.

Enjoy the flesh then welcome death.