Dark Poetry ~ The Valley of Souls

Ridges fashionable gravity.
I, part machine.

These words on synthetic paper.
Copy of a facsimile’s photocopy.

All is truth?
In this world of lies.

Despising great wisdom.

No more words can say speak.
Every word tainted.
Transformed into falsehood.

Driven past redemption.

Shattered maidenhead of the valley of souls.
Nothing more human: inseminate, devastate, control.

Silence, only gift bestowed…
In kingdoms lost by virtual reality.

Love Poetry ~ Time to End

No getting over.

In a minute. An hour. A lifetime?
Part of my essence; you became.

No other callers ever be an answer.

To emptiness.
I feel.
Without you.

It may have been: time to end.

Logic makes death.
No. Less. Painful.

Life’s cruel river. Denying love.

Breath of life.

Still… as I said last time.
I will always love you.
With shadow or doubt.
Embedded in dying breath.

You will always be.
I pray.

Dark Poetry ~ Rot in Peace

Washed by pain, cleansed of doubt.
Rinsing myself in sorrow.
A lather of scorn.

Spurned, I will not allow.
Your bleach to afflict me anymore.

Too long wrung in loath cycle serenade.
Too many illusions of drying.

Ripped by your loving embrace.
Restitched with self-hate thread.
Lack of confidence, seamed necessary.

Refusing the refuse bin.
Call now for dry cleaning.

May the remnants left behind…
Rot in peace.

Poetry ~ The Valley of Silence

Walking the valley of silence…

I, feel, the weight of soliloquy.

Eyes beg for shards of this tattered soul.
I, the beggar: beaten, broken, and blistered.

Eyes longing for abusement…


Laughing at my trust…

Nothing is real.

Walking down the mountain.
Wind whistle remedy for pain.


Never mind. Never mine…

Sadness falls, walking from the valley…

I lied too myself again.

Believing there would be…

Hope and understanding.

Still, I push on…

Dark Fantasy Poetry ~ The Vixen of the Sky

Moon shards shower on violent release.

Flashing silver stained with lust

Cloud reflection on pooling crimson.


Glittering shimmers of gore.

Gracefully spread wings.

Rendered useless.


No more… dancing inside moonlight.


Bound by dirtier form,

Gaping hole stuffed with earthen violence.


Wings of star-dust and eyes of night silver.

Gaze empty and hallow; towards homeward journeys.


Pale skin. Candy cane. Frozen in terror.


Eased through a thousand flights,

but only one truly mattered.


Wings lost dust called home: innocence last shudder.

Curious black tainting red glitter.


Eyes up, taken in, from clouds to crowds.

Muse, rent to own her, at last a thousand tales to tell.

Great beast guiding; make of her form his.


Times in form captured to gaze.

Always a glimpse, never meant to rupture her.


Man bright a devilish blight; the beast takes.

Glisten silver body flash flush glitter wings.

A moment preyed upon forms crippled screams.


Catch the vixen of the sky, own a glimpse, driven to cruelty.

Passions, cruel master, master his own.

Destroy the muse to destroy the bone.


Thief of red glitter.

Ears pleased with deathening screams.

Hands sparkle content.


Wings upon Star-Dust: Lost to the Beast.

Memories move like humming-bird strokes of pen.


Dipping tip to red glitter, muse sparkle ink.


Always starving to go further.

Fight through the night, swiftness and disgrace.
A lost soul intertwined in artistry: decaying for love.


Unable, to resist, eyes of moon dust, soaring.


…now only in his mind…