Birthday Poem ~ 1776

1000 seven hundred and seventy-6 sexual deviants.
Sent forth 17 specializing specters.
Telling the 8 wonders of the world.

Ideas never change in the minds of the idealist.
Creeping crawling death.

Seek forth and find. World left behind.
World of now looks bored with freedom.

Gone is new-found hope.
Now, only new found dope.

Doping of mind’s lie.
Dopamine’s golden foray.

Death of beauty.

Bulging wasted life…
Under foot without change.

Color form monochromatic.
Change laden politicking.

False kindness!
Pukes in the face of change.

Reclaim today?
Rights you pissed away.

Poetry ~ The Valley of Silence

Walking the valley of silence…

I, feel, the weight of soliloquy.

Eyes beg for shards of this tattered soul.
I, the beggar: beaten, broken, and blistered.

Eyes longing for abusement…


Laughing at my trust…

Nothing is real.

Walking down the mountain.
Wind whistle remedy for pain.


Never mind. Never mine…

Sadness falls, walking from the valley…

I lied too myself again.

Believing there would be…

Hope and understanding.

Still, I push on…

Dark Poetry ~ Sweating with the Dead

Succulent oozing of pornographic dreams.

Masturbation vision ripening screams.
Without care violating fantasy of violation.

A hero delights as princesses screams.


Story of the bold; sweating with the dead.
The Queen of hurts drowned by the crushing of seams.

Magic hands… destroyer of light.
Finger on the bullet. Fingering death’s temptation.
Mourning the Morning. Mind’s cry warning.

Arrogant allusions of the illusion of inclusion.

Spitting on the grave of youthful sinnocence.

Too long dead…
Empty center trying to be filled.
Stretching the truth just to feel.

Till all that resides: tender saline drip…
Never relenting.