The Age of Plastic ~ Rise to Ashes

Fornicate forcefully,
Testicles slap the ass of social construct.

Living a golden lie. An age of plastic.
Assembly line insanity.
Without logic reason becomes clear.
More ambiguous as ever.

Coughing in the face of serenity…
A lane of consequences.

Despairs sugar coated gaze,
See clearly the world within.
Coherent craze: Deaf, Unseen, and Damned.

Me! My only guide, I show me the maze?

Given to bouts of control and furious calm…
Movements in patient chaos.

Misgivings forgiving moments of peace.
From the pieces of self I retrieve.

Incessant insufficient suffering.
Set on mind’s eye screw.

Living? Is that what this is?
What shall I learn?

Begging for death of the unknown journey.
Damnation would be golden reward.
Live on and move on…

I shall? I must!
Not let the nay sayers win.
Revel in my own skin, procuring destiny.

Lost hues, blue lips surround me.
Breathing is a toxic sanity.
In the Age of Plastic.