Veracity and Verity ~ Rise to Ashes

Veracity and Verity
Lies that bind.
Unravels the fabric.
Fiber intertwines.

The faithful fearful.

Lies of Truth
Terrified syndication.
Another day, praying around.
Truth’s bitter taste.
Has no droughts.

Be the destroyed destroyer.

All these hate crimes.
Lie of truth is employed.
Can no longer avoid.
Vomit spewed forth on my life.

Honesty, truth’s foul.
Marks on this beast,
Daggers of honesty,
Love diseased, deceased.
From beginning a leper’s sexual giving.

Misery and desire, beheaded.
Only a liars desire.
Pain subsides as you perspire.
Life’s rebuttal reboots.
Beginning again on monthly cycles

Torture, rebirth, Torment.
Never getting away.
Even death numbs nothing.